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For safety reasons we have the following Play Day requirements:

What to Expect at a Play Day: Our play day challenges are created by volunteer organizers. There may be ten to twenty horses in the arena at once. There may also be toys, such as tarps, balls, flags, hula hoops, etc. in the arena with the horses. You may also encounter loose horses in the arena, as some members play with their horses at liberty. Please review our liberty guidelines and trail etiquette by clicking on the links to the left. It is everyone's responsibility to keep things safe for ourselves and our horses. If you or your horse is getting worried and you need someone to do something or stop doing something, speak up!
Fees and Forms: Everyone must sign a BASP release form prior to participating in or auditing a Play Day. When a fee is charged by the facility for people trailering in, everyone participating in the Play Day with a horse pays the fee. Participants who do not owe the fee to the facility, for example because they board at the facility, pay the fee to BASP. This helps offset the cost of Play Day materials and other BASP expenses.
A Final Note on Safety: A board member and/or the Play Day organizer reserves the right to ask anyone to leave a Play Day if his or her participation threatens the safety of other participants or horses.

Who Can Join? We invite anybody interested in Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) to join us. Members have fun and receive support as they move ahead in their PNH journey. Whether you have a horse or not, as long as you are following the PNH path, you are welcome to join us.

How Can You Join? Come to a meeting! Our membership fee is $20 per year for an individual membership, $25 per year for a family membership (2 adults in same household). For membership information or the date, time and location of the next meeting, contact Margaret Dolan.

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